You’ll find bunnies a huge part of the ambiance here at Hot Cool Creations because if there’s one thing I love more than coming up with new handicrafts to serve up to my local and distance supporters it’s bunnies. It’s a love I share with my mother who is an artist herself – and because I’m quite young, we decided it best to use our bunnies and silhouettes to represent my business online. After all, it’s quite likely your purchase will go towards purchasing rabbit food, bedding or vet care and silhouettes are one of the most adorable feature of the Lovable Cuddles Collection we offer.

My name is Shainna and you’ll find many of the things my mother and I create here. Most of it is available for sale or can be custom ordered. In-stock and custom items are marked and priced accordingly in our shopping section. If you have any questions, comments or concerns before placing your order feel free to email us using the comment below.

This site is currently under construction with the help of Patrysha from Community Futures Yellowhead East


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